You Don’t Need To Touch Your Toes To Be Good At Yoga.

Aug 26, 2021 | Blossom Blog

“Oh, I’m not good at yoga… I am not flexible”, or “Oh I’m so bad at yoga, I can’t even touch my toes”. This is something I hear ALL the time! 

People say the same thing for fitness, I need to get into shape BEFORE I join a class. Same story for beginner runners, thinking they aren’t fast enough to even consider themselves a “real” runner, or they couldn’t possibly join a running group because they aren’t running far enough.

 Let me tell you a little secret… You don’t need to touch your toes or be flexible to do yoga or be “good” at yoga, you don’t need to be in shape to join a group class or a gym, and you definitely don’t need to run a 5 minute mile to consider yourself a runner. 

These type of statements would be a reflection of your fear of the new and unknown kicking in, and let me remind you that it is totally normal (everyone does it, myself included) and it is also totally ridiculous… What if instead we started saying, “I would benefit a lot from yoga to improve my flexibility” or “I would love to join your running group to stay motivated and work on my form/speed” or “I would love to join a group class or gym to get coaching that will help me get into the shape I want to be in”. 

This little switch in our mindset can bring us a long way to trying new things and to improve not only on our physical health and wellbeing but to making us feel more confident overall. No yoga teacher is expecting you to show up to class knowing how to do a full split. No running or training coach is expecting you to show up to a workout in the best shape of your life. The BEST students and the MOST advanced students show up ready to TRY, to LEARN & to put in the WORK! 

To be good at yoga all you need to do is show up and do YOUR best and listen to your body! I challenge you the next time you catch yourself telling someone you aren’t talented enough, fast enough, or flexible enough to try something new, you instead just say yes you are ENOUGH and you are willing to learn/willing to try because in the end that’s what will get you to where you want to be! Don’t sell yourself short or put unrealistic expectations on yourself, because from a coach’s perspective I would say my BEST students are the ones who show up and put in the work no matter their current ability. 

And as a little ending side note, the flexibility, the fitness, the speed, it will come over time if you keep putting in the effort.

~ Coach Susie