Aug 9, 2021 | Blossom Blog

Written by Coach Alan:

Running is an individual pursuit, but you should not underestimate the huge benefits you can get by being part of a running community, a running group, or even having a running partner to run with from time to time and share experiences with.

You might feel self conscious to begin with but in fact no one cares that you are “not fast” or don’t know much about running. Runners, love meeting other runners to share their passion with.

Running with someone is often quoted among the most significant training benefit.

The book Run to the Finish by Amanda Brooks lists some of the benefits of running with others as:

  • Accountability to show up for workouts.
  • Someone to celebrate progress and achievements with.
  • Access to other with more knowledge 
  • Reasons to run that don’t involve calories 
  • Someone to talk about running with (that is actually interested!)
  • Ability to help others with their running
  • Getting out despite the weather (then loving it anyway)
  • Someone to pace with 
  • New friends and fun  

With Blossom you can get all of these benefits by participating actively in the private Facebook group. Don’t be shy we love to hear from you and how you are progressing. Remember also there is no thing as a stupid question, often there are others that have the same question.

Even better, showing up for the runs on Monday at 5:30pm from Valois Park gives you a chance to run with someone and share face to face.

See you out there!

~ Coach Alan