~Morning Routine~

Jun 21, 2022 | Blossom Blog

The power of a morning routine is definitely a trendy topic at the moment, but let me tell you, the hype is WORTH IT. Do you wake up at the same time every day? Do you have a morning routine? Do you leave yourself enough time to get ready for the day? Or, are your mornings frazzled and stressful? Hit snooze a few too many times?

Now I used to be a notorious snoozer in the mornings, funnily enough my family had even given me the nickname “snoozie”, mostly because I just LOVE my sleep. This is a fact that has never changed. However, I often found my mornings began rushed as I would push my wake up time as late as possible. Rolling out of bed often at 7:15AM before a 7:30AM yoga class! This would just wake me up in a mode of anxiety and stress, fight or flight mode. Starting the day on a “bad foot”. So, as someone who is often looking for ways to improve my overall health I decided that this morning wake up in anxiety and stress was doing my mental health a massive disservice.

Here comes my decision to start creating a morning routine for myself. A little morning ritual that allows me time to wake up slowly, get mentally and physically ready for the day. This way I can show up as the best version of myself for my morning yogis (I have a yoga class that starts at about 7:30AM every day of the week).

Now, what does my morning routine look like?

Let me walk you through a typical week day morning… I wake up every morning at 6AM, usually my dog Max gets up with me then too. I make sure to feed him breakfast right away or he gets grumpy! Then it is time to make my morning coffee, I always make this coffee in a “to go” coffee mug. While the coffee is being made, I make sure to wash my face and put on a little moisturizer. Now anyone who knows me knows this is a VERY new territory for me, I have never been one for a skin care routine or anything fancy. However, I have been loving the ritual of washing my face and putting on some cream. This step makes me feel fresh and alive, and only takes 2 minutes while my coffee is brewing. Then pop in my air pods and the latest episode of my favourite podcasts (for example: coach Alan & Liz’s podcast @runningbookreviews), grab my coffee, and take Maxie for a nice 30 minute walk! The streets are so peaceful at 6:15AM, just the other dog walkers are out and about. The fresh air is truly the best way to start the day. When I get home around 6:45/50 I have time to prepare for my morning yoga class, sit quietly on the sofa, finish my coffee and then teach my morning yoga class!

Some key take aways from what I have experienced since giving myself a slow and gentle morning routine is that I have so much more mental clarity starting my day, even though I am technically waking up earlier. I find myself feeling excited to get up and start my little routine. I get to slowly sip on my coffee, take some “me time” listening to my podcast and walking my dog. There is no more anxiety in the morning, no more rushing around, jumping out of bed, and being all groggy to start the day.

I challenge you all to try it, make it your own, do your version. Whether that’s wake up and do a little yoga, go for a walk, read your book, do a 10 step skin care routine, sip your coffee slowly, just gift yourself a little extra time to wake up the body and mind slowly to get ready for the day. Notice the change it creates throughout the rest of your day, your week, your overall mindset. When I say a morning routine is a GAME CHANGER I mean it!!

~ Love always, Coach Susie xx