Let’s Talk Momentum!

Apr 9, 2022 | Blossom Blog

What is stopping you from taking the first step towards living the life you dream about? What is that first step? How do you find momentum?

Are you getting overwhelmed by the big picture or end result? Is there one small step you can take today that will help you get there?

In other words, are you getting in your own way?

Momentum to me is flow, to move, to take action, to get out of our comfort zone, commit to the process, and go forward. If we stay still, comfortable, unwilling to take actions, then we become stagnant. What you need to do in the most simple terms is… something.

Now this might sound very cliché but to get to where you want to be, you have to start. To develop a yoga practice & habit you need to take the first steps. Rolling out your yoga mat, changing into your yoga outfit, taking these first steps will get you in action, and once you are in action it is much easier to actually do the yoga. When you are in action it is much easier to stay in action.

Instead of thinking about the whole big task at hand, focus on taking the first steps. Find ways to get yourself moving, to create that momentum in your life!

So, what is one step or action you can take today that will bring you even a tiny bit closer to where you want to be?

~Namaste Coach Susie