Hitting my sub 2 hour half marathon goal ~ Consistency > Motivation

Apr 25, 2022 | Blossom Blog

Fun little personal blog post for you guys today!

Just yesterday, Sunday April 24th 2022, I ran the Montreal Half Marathon (21.1km)! It was my first in person race since 2018. There’s something so exciting about being surrounded by all the runners, the pockets of crowds cheering, drums playing, the entire energy of the day was nerve wracking but mostly just so much FUN! There is so much beauty in the solo moments of training as a runner, the meditative “flow” sate, but being surrounded by thousands of people working towards a common objective was just MAGICAL! The energy of the day was unmatched, I was also lucky enough to have one of my best friends, Justin, there to run with me as an early b-day gift (I am so grateful for his day of encouragement)! The weather was very cooperative (cool and cloudy), considering it is April in Montreal, it could have been raining, snowing, or 20 degrees.  

My goal for this race was an exciting goal, I smile at my laptop now as I write about it, I wanted to run the race in under 2 hours! This means running the entire 21.1km race at a pace of about 5:40/km. For me this was an aggressive but doable goal… I am very pleased to report that my final race time was 1:58:44. I hit my massive goal of going under 2 hours!!! I couldn’t be more proud of myself, but not just because of my time. I am proud of myself because, I ran through January-April to train, 4 days a week, even on -25 days, even in snow storm, even when I just didn’t feel like it, I always put my goal in the forefront and pushed through. One thing is for sure, I might not always feel like going for a run, but I NEVER regret it, and I ALWAYS feel like a super hero when I finish, especially on those extra cold days where there is no other soul out on the streets.

Maybe my little lesson in this blog is the power of consistency and setting goals. Motivation is your friend for sure but she’s a little “flaky”, so I would highly recommend you spend more time investing in your girl consistency. She’s always got your back. If you make a commitment and set yourself a goal, something that is important to you, that you are passionate about, then you SHOW UP. Being consistent to taking daily actions and steps towards your goal, and this works for everything, not just running goals. When you want something, you visualize it, you write it down, you set yourself a plan, then you EXECUTE! No excuses, no being flaky with yourself, and you ENJOY THE PROCESS.

To be completely honest, my goal really could have gone either way, sub 2 hours was a stretch for me, it was hard from the beginning, I had a really bad cramp at about KM 8-12 and then by the end I was red lining, running against that race clock. But something my wonderful running coach (and dad) Alan made sure to tell me is, either you get your goal or you get lots of learning. What is most important is that I enjoyed the process, the little victories along the way, the moments shared with running friends, the first sub 5min KM ever run, the first 10km that felt like a breeze, running through a blizzard, waking up at 7 am every Sunday to run with the club. So all of this to say if you can be consistent, enjoy the process, and then go give it your all you are a winner no matter what.

Chase those goals friends, do not take no for an answer, learn all the things, keep trying, be consistent, execute your plan, and have FUN!

~ Namaste, Coach Susie