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Core 101

This program is meant to teach you how to build a strong and functional core. During the course you will implement the most important principle of core training: to resist motion. This type of training carries over to yoga, running and any other athletic endeavours.

⚠️  Warning: May lead to PEAK athletic performance!

3 Phases – 27 Workouts Total

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Phase 1: Learn

In this section we teach you about the how and why of core training. We introduce you to the concept of resisting motion as the most important tool to train the core correctly.

In our opinion proper core training should improve your function in sport and life as much as it will improve the way you look. This is why we incorporate different styles of workouts that will check both of these boxes.

This program could drastically change the way you see core training moving forward. It will impact how much you get out of each training session for the rest of your life!

⚠️ WARNING: You will be forced to think not about what you do, but HOW you do it!

Phase 2: Integrate

It’s time to apply what you learned in phase 1!

In the integration phase, the workouts will be more complex and more challenging. We will combine different core movements in each training session and within each exercise! You’ll notice that each week will be similar to the previous one. Repetition is important in order for your body to truly improve in the areas we are working on.

We offer 2 levels to allow you to train based on your current level of ability. Prioritize doing an easier variation well as opposed to a harder variation incorrectly. Don’t be shy to mix and match.

⚠️ WARNING: You will become a core training BEAST!

Phase 3: Bulletproof

We named this phase bulletproof because it is the toughest of the 3 phases.

As these exercises get harder it is important to remember our main core training principle: train to resist motion before creating motion. Review exercises from both phases and focus on the ones that are the most appropriate for you.

⚠️ WARNING: You may experience unstoppable core strength & mild soreness.

Building Nutrition Habits For Long Term Success

The goal of the course is to educate on things that actually matter – to build healthy and sustainable eating habits. We are taking a big risk by doing so because we are not bringing anything new and sexy to the table. Just basic principles that work and stand the test of time. The truth is if you do those things and you are consistent, you will have long term success!

⚠️ Warning: You may develop some seriously good habits that might turn into some amazing long term results.

10 Weeks – 10 Habits

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Week 1

By paying attention and modifying your eating patterns, you can start to be more aware of hunger and satiety cues. Control your portion in a more natural way and help your body make the most out of the food that you eat.

Week 2

This week we discuss the importance of including primarily whole foods in our diet if we want to nourish ourselves optimally. We will look at the difference between whole and processed foods, learn to identify processed foods, and begin adjusting our eating patterns by including more whole foods into the mix to replace the excess processed foods we may be consuming.

Week 3

This week we talk about hydration! Making sure you drink enough water is one of the most important things you can do for overall well being.

Week 4

We go over a list of quality protein sources and discuss the concept of marginal sources of protein and finally we provide super simple guidelines to help you figure out for yourself how much protein you should be eating.

Week 5

Are carbs unhealthy? You probably already know our answer to that question! This week we will also talk about different types of carbs and we’ll give you the tools you need to make smarter carb choices.

Week 6

Will fat make me fat? This week we answer this question, discuss the different types of fat, and give you practical information to identify if you are eating the right amount of fat in your diet. We are excited for this week and have lots of good information to share with you guys!

Week 7

This week we talk about your plate and how to balance it for ideal health, energy and performance gainz. We try to keep it simple for you, almost too simple but if you actually implement the information we share, and you are consistent with it, these guidelines are sufficient for most people to get to their goals.

Week 8

This week is all about MICRONUTRIENTS! We try to keep this potentially complex topic as simple as possible. Add colours to your plate and you are on a sure path to better health!

Week 9

This week we talk about sleep! While this is not exactly a nutrition topic, it is one of the most important variables to consider on your health and performance journey.

Week 10

Health and fitness is an infinite game, you need an infinite mindset to have success!

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