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Blossom is an online yoga studio experience that will guide you towards living a fun, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle. 

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Where it all started.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Before I found yoga I felt like I was living in a shell of myself, sluggish, stiff, unmotivated and stressed out. I felt like I was drowning and there were never enough hours in the day. Ultimately, I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt.

When I found yoga, I learned to stop, slow down, breathe and just take time to connect to myself. That’s when everything changed on and off the mat. Learned to tune into what my body & mind needed.

Why Yoga

Yoga changed everything.

Not only did yoga help me get toned & flexible through the physical poses, what I really learned was to breathe. It taught me the importance of taking time out of the day to myself, a moment where I am totally present and dialed into my needs & wants.

This is why I decided to become a yoga teacher! To share with others the gift yoga gave me, the gift of becoming a better version of myself, a more patient person, a happier soul, to remind people of what is truly important in life: health & wellbeing. 


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I am challenging you.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed in life right now, know you are not alone, I’ve been there too.

I challenge you to gift yourself with a moment in the day where it’s all about YOU & notice the changes in your life.

Sign up for my online yoga subscription and let me lead you through a variety of yoga classes designed to ignite that fire in you!


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Yoga Subscriptions.


Private Online Yoga Classes.


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~ QMT 25 ~ First Trail Race Experience

~ QMT 25 ~ First Trail Race Experience

Before you do something for the first time you can think about it, visualize it, train for it, and do everything you can to prepare for it, but until it actually happens, until race day in my case, you actually have no idea what it will be like. Actually even if you...

~Morning Routine~

~Morning Routine~

The power of a morning routine is definitely a trendy topic at the moment, but let me tell you, the hype is WORTH IT. Do you wake up at the same time every day? Do you have a morning routine? Do you leave yourself enough time to get ready for the day? Or, are your...

Be your own best friend  

Be your own best friend  

Why is it that we are so quick to pass out compliments to our best friends, but so slow to give them to ourselves? We are often our own harshest critics, placing expectations on ourselves much higher than we would ever expect from someone else. If we could learn to be...

Let’s Talk Momentum!

Let’s Talk Momentum!

What is stopping you from taking the first step towards living the life you dream about? What is that first step? How do you find momentum? Are you getting overwhelmed by the big picture or end result? Is there one small step you can take today that will help you get...

Confidence & Why it Matters?

Confidence & Why it Matters?

Confidence is often confused with arrogance or having a big ego. I think this is often the way society has framed the meaning of being confident. I truly wish to change this idea, and to put forward a more accurate definition. To be confident is not to be egotistical,...

Stop TRYING and Start DOING

Stop TRYING and Start DOING

Little tid bit for you this week friends! I was listening to a podcast about mindset and something they said really struck me. The big take away is that we (as in the general public) are constantly saying we are trying to do something. Trying to lose weight, trying to...

10,000 Steps A Day?

10,000 Steps A Day?

Tracking daily steps has become a very common practice in the last few years with the growing popularity of wearables.  With reason! Walking has been associated with many health benefits and it is considered a form of exercise with a very low barrier to entry....

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